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This website and it's purchased product manual contains information which is intended as an informational and educational resource and is not intended as a substitute for proper medical advice. The information and recommendations contained are not intended to be a substitute for diagnosis and/or treatment by a physician or licensed health care provider. This site does not constitute medical advice and makes no warranties as to fitness for any particular purpose. Users should consult their physician or licensed health care provider about any information presented here to determine its suitability. Some of the recommendations may not be appropriate for all individuals, or in all situations. This product should only be used by one who is both qualified and competent to handle such an accessory. This company and its principles assume no liability for injury that results from either the correct or incorrect use of the product. The statements in this site and it's product manual have not been evaluated by any government or official body. Individual results may vary even when using the same product. Anyone undergoing prescribed or non prescribed therapies for any health condition or disease should first consult their physician or licensed health care provider before beginning any new program. Nothing in this manual should be construed as medical advice and this product is not endorsed for any medical purpose. Only your physician or licensed health care provider should assist you with a medical problem.


All material provided on the web site is provided for informational or educational purposes. No content is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Consult your physician or health care professional regarding the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your medical condition. This product is not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any diseases or conditions. Individual results may vary even when using the same product. Images used on the posturebeads.com website are for illustration purposes only and are not intended to represent actual results. 

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Client Disclosure
EquilibriOm makes the following disclosures: EquilibriOm provides a product that is alternative and complementary to healing arts services licensed by various states, official & other government bodies. EquilibriOm will provide services in accordance with the education, training and experience we have. We offer only a perspective for your consideration.

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EquilibriOm will make every effort to assist you in achieving the results and/or changes for which our product is purchased. It is expressly understood that it is solely your responsibility to confirm the effectiveness or otherwise of any changes, and that you must do so in safety and with appropriate monitoring of your physician or other licensed healthcare professional. EquilibriOm's liability is expressly limited to a refund of any fees paid. This site and its content are made available only to provide information about the Posture Beads technique. You are responsible for compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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